What does refurbished mean?

What does refurbished mean?

All of our used products have to go through the following vigorous refurbishment proceedure before being approved for sale:

Step 1. Visual Inspection

Upon receipt all products are visually inspected. Only products that are near perfect condition are allowed through to refurbishment, all others are rejected.

Step 2. DOA 

Each product that passes the visual inspection is then powered up and run through a basic diagnostic test to ensure it is in perfect working order. Products found to be DOA or have issues are set aside.

Step 3. Factory Reset

If the product is in perfect working order, it will have settings and data cleared.

Step 4. Firmware Upgraded

The products firmware will be upgraded to the latest known available version (exclusions apply).

Step 5. Parts Replaced

During visual inspection, if any of the components that make up the product need to be replaced, they will be replaced before the product being sanitised. They include buttons, screens, handsets, cords, paper and plastics.

Step 6. Product Sanitising

With all components replaced, the product is fully sanitised to remove any dirt.

Step 7. Quality Control

Once the product has been fully inspected, tested, refurbished and is fully sanitised, we will conduct another inspection in which all aspects of the refurbishing process are checked to make sure that every product meets with our high standards before it is dispatched. This will also include a thorough test to ensure nothing was damaged during The Refurbishment Process.

Step 8. Product Repackaged

After final inspection the product is packaged in shrink wrap, bubble wrapped (depending on the product) and boxed.


Step 9. Ready for Sale – Product given 15 Month Warranty

We are so confident in our refurbished products that we offer a 15 Month Return to Base Warranty.