Established in 1989, Telecom Services is one of the longest established, independent telecom companies in Northern Ireland.

Located in Castlewellan Co Down, just 25 miles south of Belfast and 25 miles north of the border with the Republic of Ireland, we are ideally situated to serve customers throughout Ireland.

The main focus of our business is the supply, installation and maintenance of business telephone systems, structured cabled networks, and associated telecoms equipment. We specialise in the Panasonic Business System range for their proven long term reliability. Our engineers are all manufacturer trained and have direct access to their support lines.

The requirements of every customer are different .We assess their  communication needs individually and a personalised and affordable solution is found. In any project, large or small we aim to make it a professional and hassle free experience for the customer..

We try harder!

Our Mission

Aims to be a national market leader in the provision of telecoms services delivering reliable, quality, cost effective telecoms solutions to our customers.

Our Vision

We have many customers thoughout Ireland both north and south. With over 25 years experience in the telecoms industry we aim to be the first choice for all.

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Meet The Team

Stephen Burns
Partner, Engineer & Technical Sales

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Daina Burns
Partner & Accounts

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Anthony Aulds
Installation Engineer

With over 20 years experience in the communications industry, Anthony has specialist skills in the installation, programming and maintenance of telephony PBX systems, including VOIP, Voicemail and Software solutions. Anthony is also a fully qualified electrician.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • What's a Small Office phone system (or PBX)?

      A traditional small office PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone switching system that connects a company's internal phone users to each other and to the public phone system. On a traditional small office PBX, employees can easily make calls within the company simply by dialing an extension.

    • What is the best small business phone system (or PBX)?

      Each company has a different need, which is why we have various systems in our range. We strongly suggest you have a meeting with one of our consultants, and then we can guide you through some options. Call or email us to arrange a meeting.

    • What types of communications services can I get for my business?

      There are a multitude of services that are available and any good business telecoms provider will ask you what you are looking to achieve with your telecommunications services, rather than tell you what you can have. Just ensure any company you talk to have a good reputation and can provide you with any number of satisfied client testimonials

    • What does a business telecommunications provider offer?

      All reputable business telecommunications providers will be able to offer you a range of telecom solutions to ensure you can communicate effectively and efficiently. This includes providing telephone lines, competitive call rates, business broadband, leased lines, call services (divert, forward, voicemail etc.), hardware (telephones & systems), wiring (structured cabling & fibre) as well as the latest advances in telecom solutions & security.

    • Lastly, what is the meaning of life, the Universe, and Everything?

      It takes Deep Thought, the supercomputer 7½ million years to compute and check the answer, which turns out to be 42.