KX-NS0154CE – 4/8 Channel DECT Cell Station (VOIP Virtual IPCS Port)

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KX-NS0154CE – 4/8 Channel DECT Cell Station (VOIP Virtual IPCS Port)

NS700/NS1000 (8 channel enabled with AK). Connected to virtual IP-CS Card using DSP resource


IP-DECT base station KX-NS0154 supports a unique synchronization technology for local area networks (LAN-sync). This technology allows for the organization of sustainable radio reception over a large area to use an average of 2 times less than IP-DECT base stations compared with IP-DECT base stations of the previous generation KX-NCP0158, using radio channel synchronization technology.

  • Support 4 simultaneous conversations c expandable to 8, in the presence of an activation key
  • Connects on IP (MGCP Protocol) at any distance from the IP-PBX
  • The maximum number of base stations connected to the IP-PBX KX-NS500 is made – 32, to the IP-PBX KX-NS1000 – 64
  • Range in open space up to 200m (indoors up to 50 meters)
  • Compatible with IP-PBX Panasonic KX-NS500, KX-NS1000
  • Support for Portable phones DECT KX-WT115, KX-TCA175, KX-TCA275, KX-TCA364, KX-TCA185, KX-TCA285, KX-TCA385
  • Does not require additional licenses (activation keys) for integration with the PBX
  • Connects to the PBX via IP-protocol (MGCP)
  • Codec: G.711, G.726, G.729A
  • PoE Power Source (Power over Ethernet)
  • The AC adapter supplied is not included

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